Food Rant: We Throw Away Too Much Food!

How Much We Throw Away

In the U.S. alone, about 30%-40% of all food is wasted!  This seems pretty fucking ridiculous since 48.8 million Americans go hungry every year. Out of that, 16 million are children.

Now, am I trying to guilt trip you into recognizing that you should join the clean plate club? Yes. Yes, I am. It doesn’t feel good to be guilted into saving food but neither does starving to death, so guilt can’t be all bad. Maybe guilt is that pain when you touch a hot stove and think to yourself, “well, shit, I’m not doing that again.”

So, what can you do? Besides not ordering more food than you can eat, I’d suggest following in the path of the Native Americans.

Use the Whole Animal

So, I try to use all of the fruit, vegetable, or animal that I can. Using the zest off of the lemon can really boost your meal. It adds color, texture, and flavor to your meal… all from a piece of the fruit that you were originally going to throw away.


It also can add extra style points to your bland drink. Take a PBR for example. Keep it in the tall boy can and it’s nothing special. Drink a bit and put it in a pint with a wedge of lemon or lime on the rime? Class, bitch.

Take a whiskey. The usual way people make it is to take the Tumbler, add ice and pour whiskey. Normal, but no party. Add a spiralized lemon peel?  Changes everything. Turns a $5-$7 drink to a $10-$12 drink.

People Should Be More Resourceful!

In order to waste less food, people should be more resouceful with their food. Have left over mashed potatoes? Patty them and fridge it till morning so you can make hashbrowns. Have left over chicken? Cut it up and make a chicken salad for a sandwich later. Don’t think of life or food as eat and discard. If it’s not bad then you can remake it. In the end, you save more money.


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