White Eggs vs. Brown Eggs: What’s the difference?



In a word… nothing. There is no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. The only real difference is that brown chickens lay brown eggs and white chickens lay white eggs. Pretty intuitive, huh?

The reason you pay more for brown eggs is for marketing value, and because they cost more to feed. Brown hens are larger and tend to eat more than their bleached white counterparts.


I’ve heard rumors that brown eggs taste better or that their yolks are richer, but that’s all in peoples’ heads. Eating a brown egg just seems more right than eating something that looks like a ping pong ball. Also, if a chicken is better fed and gets more nutrients then, it tastes better. Again, pretty intuitive.

Eating a brown egg just seems more right than eating something that looks like a ping pong ball.

If you know BBQ, then you know the same is true for pork. If you feed your swine chestnuts, opposed to slop, then the meat can taste more golden and “juicy.”

There’s more hub-bub about the density of the shell and most dismiss those as rumors too, but I want to see the evidence. If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned eggs are pretty intuitive. So, larger chickens must lay more dense eggs and since the brown chickens are larger… their eggs are denser!

Restaurant eggs, on the other hand, are definitely less dense though. My first shift, when I worked at a breakfast place, I attempted to crack and egg and smashed it against the cutting board because I didn’t realize how sensitive the shell was.


Arguments aside, if you’ve learned anything then you’ve learned that you’re wasting your money buying more expensive eggs. There is no difference and the next time someone gives you a weird look for buying white eggs, you can gladly explain to them how and why they’re wasting their money!



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