Blue Berry Wild Salmon

This is one of those style points meals that looks better than it tastes. Adding fruity glazes to already perfectly good salmon is a bit overkill… but… fuck it looks cool.

The blueberry balsamic glaze is what gives it the color and it’s very simple to make. You just have to add balsamic to a low-medium heat pan and add your blueberries to it. Use a spoon to lightly crush the blueberries to release the juice and simmer till it’s more reduced than the picture above.

If you don’t let it reduce long enough, like I didn’t, you get a runny sauce that looks like poorly applied lipstick to the plate.

Blue Berry Wild Salmon Recipe: $20.81/3

  • Wild caught sockeye salmon: 2lbs: $15.98
  • Blueberries: 8 oz: $2.99 *depending on season
  • Balsamic, garlic, butter, salt & pepper to taste 35 cents
  • *Add peas as side for $1.49

Being a glaze, you want to bake your salmon first and when it is done, coat it with your blueberry balsamic glaze and broil it for a couple minutes to caramelize the natural sugars in the berries.

I recommend covering the entire salmon with the glaze before and after to cover any pink. I also didn’t do this. Part of cooking is criticizing your work, so don’t be afraid to make mistake. The only thing you can lose is your ego, and anyone could do with giving up a bit of that.

The only thing you can lose is your ego, and anyone could do with giving up a bit of that.

Don’t forget about your food in the broiler, that thing is up to 500 degrees and will ruin… pretty much anything real quick….another mistake I’ve made before.


Take your salmon out, and find a green vegetable to add to the side. I went with peas. You should go with asparagus, it just looks cooler and you can cover it with cheese. Everything is better with cheese.

Everything is better with cheese.

The plating is pretty simple. Take your sauce and ring it around the plate, the runner the sauce the more it will move. If your plate has a concave then it will ruin your design.

I chose to keep the blueberries in the sauce, I think it lets people know what they’re eating. If some people see a blue colored piece of meat, they might look at you weird. The blueberries give them that chance to put it together.

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