Boudin Sour Dough Bread

Before I left for San Francisco all I heard about was the sour dough bread. I tried it and was not disappointed.


I followed my nose to Boudin Bakery like Mr. Krabbs to money.

You could watch through a window as the bakers beat and molded fresh dough readying it for the oven. I bought this large asiago sour dough hexagon. I was really missing some clam chowder to dunk it in.

Boudin’s does it up right. They serve soups in bread bowls. The lid is perfectly fluffy, so all the soup soaks up into the bread for the perfect dunk.


Besides bread bowl soups, they have bread twisted into crabs and alligators. I’ve never seen anything like it. Excessive and touristy but fun to eat. A remedy for any crying kid, or the crying kid inside you.


Wow, cool. Anyway, if you ever find yourself on Fishermans’ Wharf, eat some crab cakes and search for Boudin’s right away!




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